Daily horoscope for january 11

Andi asks is your Birthday January 11th...

You will be extremely sensitive today, and everyone around you will seem to distance themselves from you. Today, your heart will be exposed and vulnerable as you're waiting for the person you most love to understand your sadness and help ease your pain. It feels as though the more you need people, the more they seem to drift away. This is the Capricorn's destiny: live in solitude, bound to become stronger. You may think it's not fair, but this is what life has to offer. Seek out the friendships of a Cancer or Pisces native ; they will understand you and offer strategic advice on how to be happier with what you already have.

Click here! The wind of change blows straight down your street, Capricorn. You've done a great job, and no one could ever hide or deny it. For the moment, you're going through turbulent times, and you feel like you've lost the battle, but rest assured because when you least expect it, you will enjoy the success of your hard work.

You won't be able to enjoy your spoils if you focus on what your rivals have to say.

Planetary Row

People's careless comments wound you more than you care to admit, but don't lash out against them in retaliation. That's too easy, and it won't help the situation. Talk to them about it instead. Or, just wait for this touchy phase to pass. In a day or two, you'll feel like yourself again. It's a very good day for spending some close, one-on-one time with your sweetheart, if you have one.

Today is for exploring emotional connections and rejoicing in their depth and complexity. This is truly what makes life worth living. A romantic relationship intensifies today, for better or for worse. Regardless of whether things are blissful or rough between you, they're intense, and it's hard for you to take things lightly now. This is one of those days when you might experience a wonderfully passionate connection with your sweetheart, or you might go through emotional torture -- only to realise, later, that things weren't nearly as bad as you thought.

Mysteries of any kind hold particular fascination for you today. You want to understand yourself, and you also want to know what makes other people tick. A tactfully worded question could lead to a deep, intriguing conversation with someone. By talking with them about their own problems and feelings, you'll gain understanding about your own. It's a good day to be introspective, especially if you sense that some area of your life is out of balance. If you've been having trouble with a particular relationship, look within yourself first, before pointing your finger at anyone else. How might you have contributed to this situation?

Go ahead and be self-analytical. You have a better grasp than usual of the reasons behind their behaviour. It's easy to accomplish your goals today, because you're so single-minded in your focus. You take a scientific approach to answering any question, looking deeply into the evidence you collect, testing it out and drawing the best conclusion you can draw based on what you know. If anything doesn't make sense, keep digging. Healthy give-and-take is more clearly rewarding now, as you feel gently challenged. January holds wonderfully expressive and natural energy for sharing yourself and your happiness with others.


Attempting to push to find a resolution to a problem is unlikely to work well, but pulling back from it might. In fact, you could feel quite empowered from getting a better handle on the background details of your life right now. While you may have been taking a matter or yourself especially seriously, dear Capricorn, today you detach just enough to work it all to your advantage. Be selective with what you put your energy into today, and aim to replenish rather than push yourself.

Confidence builds in an unrushed, natural way as a result. A hobby or a romance can have a powerful effect on you now, and dedication to something or someone you love motivates and drives you. While dabbling and putting your feelers out for new information may seem not especially productive, they can be valuable activities now as you observe, absorb, and digest, whether it helps relax you or informs you on a casual level as you make useful and inspiring discoveries.

You can take a particular interest in your inner world today, and your home and family life may be especially rewarding. You may not be especially forthcoming on an emotional level, but this is mainly due to the need for extra time understanding how you feel about a matter. People are putting their trust in you, and this, in turn, motivates you to do your best. This, in turn, inspires others to place their faith in you! Conversations with friends or ideas shared with a team or group can be supportive. You can also feel particularly good about specialized learning or skills development now, and you want to contribute something of value.

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The purple marker above shows where we are in the current moon phase cycle. A time to observe, feel, and process.

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Astrology of Today – Friday, January 11th, 12222

We may pay special attention to our dreams, both of the night and day variety, and the subtle areas of our lives. Focusing on creativity, philanthropy, spirituality, and artistry can be beneficial. Build your intuition, slow down and rest. This can be a good time for getting loans, for taking care of business, and for dealing with money matters. There can be a boost to our intimate life, creative impulses, and self-understanding. Events occurring now might involve some kind of karmic repayment or benefit.

Capricorn Decans - Capricorn Rising, Decan Astrology

We could discover new information, hidden information, or a lost item. This is a time for recycling — seeing new uses for old items. True feelings come to the surface. This is a harmonious time. People are more cooperative and supportive than usual. Things seem to flow more easily, and confidence is natural. We can gain strength through others or through our relationships, and we are especially comfortable in one-on-one situations.

We can be feeling pleasantly attached to, or supported by, our loved ones or family. We are seeking out security, nurturing, and warmth, and we are more likely to express these things towards others. A good time for dealing with the public, for making connections, and for taking positive steps towards a personal or professional goal. You are able to make changes. This is a feel-good time for embracing new opportunities. Your biological urges are powerful right now. Enjoy the feelings, learn from them and trust that all is in order.

We may be trying to get our feelings across, or attempting to explain how we feel, but we have difficulty doing so. There may be stress or extra activity in the household. Initiating, pioneering energy. Independent, bold, courageous, assertive, fiery, inspirational, direct, decisive. Can be egotistical, impulsive, impatient, aggressive, lacking subtlety. Inspiring, broad vision, enthusiastic, goal seeking, truthful, adventurous.

Can be reckless, unrestrained, tactless. Disciplined, responsible, reliable, industrious, conscientious, practical, achieving. Can be pessimistic, overly conventional, rigid, materialistic, callous. Compassionate, sensitive, self-sacrificing, gentle, intuitive. Can be escapist, impractical, hyper- sensitive, gullible. Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

We are especially in touch with the physical world. We can be cautious, practical, and possibly unimaginative. We are deliberate and can pace ourselves well.

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We need hands-on experience and are not impressed with theory as much as we are with results. Routines are tolerable and comforting. We may have a difficult time being objective or detached. We may not be especially communicative. We are ready to take action and to take on challenges, and we can become frustrated with stagnant conditions.

daily horoscope for january 11 Daily horoscope for january 11
daily horoscope for january 11 Daily horoscope for january 11
daily horoscope for january 11 Daily horoscope for january 11
daily horoscope for january 11 Daily horoscope for january 11
daily horoscope for january 11 Daily horoscope for january 11
daily horoscope for january 11 Daily horoscope for january 11
daily horoscope for january 11 Daily horoscope for january 11
daily horoscope for january 11 Daily horoscope for january 11
daily horoscope for january 11 Daily horoscope for january 11

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