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Leaning into your loved ones will be second nature with your ruling planet Mercury and love-oriented Venus both shifting into your 5th House of Pleasure and Creativity on September Step away from the chaos to connect with your lover, spend quality time exploring your imaginative side with your children, or carve out some personal time to focus on a creative pet project. A new moon in sister Air sign Libra lights up this same area of your chart on September 28, delivering freshness and a sense of balance through these feel-good activities. You may feel as though you are yelling into a void this month when it comes to persuading others to cooperate.


Here is your horoscope for November 28, 2018

A slippery Pisces full moon collides with no-frills Mars in sharp opposition to bewildering Neptune on September In reality, this is a signal to retreat into your Cancerian shell to regenerate. Consider this time an opportunity for healing solitude; immerse yourself in spirituality and self-care, and deeply meditate on your core philosophy and values. Bliss and joy will come from your home and family life throughout the month, thanks to Mercury and Venus transiting your domestic 4th House.

Connecting with your mate will become straightforward and uncomplicated after September 18 when Saturn finally stations direct in your relationship sector after a long and troubling retrograde. A refreshing Libra new moon brightens up your domestic sector on September 28, indicating cathartic new beginnings and opportunities for greater balance in your family and living space.

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Day-to-day expenses are sky-high through September, thanks to Mars trekking through your financial zone. On September 14 a complex full moon in Pisces creates a hard angle to confusing Neptune and Mars, throwing cold water on any efforts to generate extra cash. One asset you will have is the gift of gab: Chatty Mercury and alluring Venus enter your 3rd House of Communication on September 14, staying put through the month. Your best bet to drum up more business and money during this dry spell is to leverage your natural charisma in an effort to align with influential partners.

Romance is a welcome and pleasant escape this month with a lovely new moon in relationship-focused Libra on September This lunation will continue to highlight your superior communication skills, making the last week of the month prime time for bearing your heart.

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Intimacy and trust blossoms with vulnerable conversations and confessions. Letdowns in love are the name of the game this September, Virgo.

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Will you choose to rebuild or scrap the whole thing? A complex full moon in Pisces occurs in your relationship sector on this day, while Mars harshly opposes Neptune in your partnership zone. The decision may not be yours to make, after all, and you may simply have to accept that the relationship is too far gone to make any meaningful or lasting repairs. Making money will serve as a nice distraction from the disasters taking place in your love life. Venus, along with your ruling planet Mercury, glides into your 2nd House of Material Wealth on September 14, maximizing your cash flow through the entire month.

A Libra new moon occurs in this same lucrative area of your chart on September 28, making it almost impossible to not make money hand-over-fist. The Sun, Venus, and Mercury will all remain in your private 12th House of Secrets through the first half of the month, highlighting your need for solitude and self-regeneration through retreating underground to your inner world.

The second half of the month will be bursting with social energy and new friends. You may also confront health issues or disappointments in your love and professional spheres near September 4 when your ruling planet Venus opposes tricky Neptune. A complicated Pisces full moon occurs in your 6th House of Health and Routine on September 14, signaling that you may be closing a chapter in relationship to your work life or health mid-month.

The Sun enters Libra on September 23 and a new moon in your sign follows on September 28, kicking your personal season of power into high-gear. Feelings of defeat may permeate your love life near September 4 when Venus opposes Neptune harshly.

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But a cataclysmic full moon in Pisces on September 14 is what will really send your love life spinning off its axis, Scorp. You may discover something unpleasant that cannot be forgotten or fixed. However, emotional breakthroughs are also taking place as Mars connects with Uranus. Watch out for the messages that arrive in your dreams—your psychic abilities are kicked up a notch!

You're reflecting on your career and reputation as the moon moves through Leo, and excitement arrives in your relationships and social life as fiery Mars connects with Uranus.

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You're meeting exciting people, and feeling eager to take risks! The moon is in fellow fire sign Leo today, finding you in an adventurous mood, eager to travel and learn new things. Fiery Mars also connects with brilliant Uranus, inspiring you to take a risk in your career! You're in an intense mood today with the moon in fire sign Leo—but you're ready to make big changes and take a risk as warrior planet Mars makes a harmonious connection with electric Uranus.


A breakthrough is here! Your focus is on your relationships today thanks to the moon in your opposite sign Leo, and excitement is in the air as action planet Mars makes a harmonious connection with your ruling planet Uranus, bringing an emotional breakthrough! You're inspired to get organized and kick a bad habit as the moon moves through regal fire sign Leo. It's an exciting day for your relationships—risks are taken as warrior planet Mars connects with electric Uranus. You're in a playful, celebratory mood today thanks to the moon in fellow fire sign Leo, and you're taking exciting risks—especially concerning finances and work—as your ruling planet Mars connects with brilliant Uranus.

28 magazine november horoscope 28 magazine november horoscope
28 magazine november horoscope 28 magazine november horoscope
28 magazine november horoscope 28 magazine november horoscope
28 magazine november horoscope 28 magazine november horoscope
28 magazine november horoscope 28 magazine november horoscope
28 magazine november horoscope 28 magazine november horoscope
28 magazine november horoscope 28 magazine november horoscope
28 magazine november horoscope 28 magazine november horoscope

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