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LEO July 24 - Aug. Calm down! On some deep inner level you recognize the need to get out into the world and mix with as many new people as you possibly can.


The more sociable you are the more successful you will be. It is also of the utmost importance that you ignore other people. You don't need criticism and you don't need praise. You just need to believe in yourself. Make sure you give of your best in everything you do.

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Expect nothing less of yourself than brilliance. In fact it's almost guaranteed.

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Anyone who thinks Capricorn is a sign that is too scared to take chances is about to be proved very wrong indeed. Show colleagues and employers that you can be a team player. Don't let them doubt it. The good days will just keep getting better and your smile will just keep getting wider. Life is what you make of it — so make it a masterpiece.

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Eric Akis: Easy-peasy chop suey. Wheel Adventures: Tower of Pisa attracts hordes of visitors Wheel Adventures: Tough trek in Tuscany rolls to melodious finale. November 4, AM. Read Related Topics. Email this article to a Friend. Add an event Full Community Calendar.

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Meaningful and honest friendships are what they strive for. Their requirements in love and romance are similarly honest. They aren't looking for a social companion or someone to keep them company in bed once the lights go out.

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They want a passionate, committed life partner. November 4 people usually owe their special gifts to the way they were brought up.

They are adamant about giving their children the same freedom. While they understand the need to establish guidelines, they don't want their children to feel as if they must conform to be loved. November 4 people know that feeling good about themselves and being in touch with their emotions is the best health habit they can endorse.

They don't neglect exercise or a good diet, but they don't obsess either. This casual attitude helps them relax -- another good health tip. November 4 people are intelligent and perceptive.

November 4: Your daily horoscope

They look for career choices that showcase their ability with words and outgoing personality. They make excellent teachers, computer programmers, writers, and media personnel. November 4 individuals seem to have a sixth sense about money. They are capable of turning a moderate income into a considerable fortune. November 4 men and women do believe that whatever is ahead is better than what came before.

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4 november daily horoscope 4 november daily horoscope
4 november daily horoscope 4 november daily horoscope
4 november daily horoscope 4 november daily horoscope
4 november daily horoscope 4 november daily horoscope
4 november daily horoscope 4 november daily horoscope

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