Horoscope for november 2019 for aries

Welcome to Libra season, dear Aries!

Mercury, your ruler, spends most of the month in the area of your chart connected with the home and family, giving you the opportunity to have worthwhile and open discussions with those with whom you share your home and enabling you to reach new understandings. It would be advisable to do this before mid-month, however, as Mercury will be in retrograde motion after this and all communication may then be subject to misunderstandings or disappointments. And with both the New Moon and Jupiter in Scorpio, you have an opportunity to make a new start, perhaps in a new locality, or with new friends and neighbours.

And while Mars continues its retrograde motion in Taurus, much of your time and energy no doubt continues to revolve around foreign matters, either with travel or people, or perhaps in legal business too. It may seem as if things are never going to be resolved, but your patience will be rewarded. While Mars has been retrograde in Taurus, you have no doubt been fighting for what you feel is rightfully yours where jointly owned property or shared resources are concerned, but without resolution.

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Matters should be settled during December, but in the meantime, the New Moon in Scorpio suggests that you may make a fresh start where your personal income or property is concerned. In fact, with Jupiter spending a year in Scorpio, you will have many opportunities for the expansion of your income or your property during that time. Whilst your bank balance may grow, however, there will also be a tendency to extravagance while Jupiter is here.

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With the appropriate restraint, though, you should be able to invest wisely for long term growth. With Jupiter now in your sign for the coming year, you enter a whole new phase of personal growth and self development that could set you on the right path for the next twelve years! It is a time for learning and for gaining new experiences and the New Moon here at the beginning of the month encourages you to get started in some way by turning a fresh page in your life!

Unfortunately, while Mars remains in Taurus, there probably continues to be tension with partners or in your closest relationships and even with a very good and strong relationship, work on your joint projects is likely to slow down a little while Mars remains retrograde.


But one thing you can be sure of this month is that your social life and your interaction with friends and neighbours will be fun. Mars remains retrograde in Taurus and you continue to suffer some tension, either in the workplace or where your health and fitness is concerned. Whilst it may seem, at times, as though your current problems will never be resolved, in fact the Full Moon later in the month should go some way to improving the situation. Do be careful though that you ensure there are no misunderstandings in communications after mid-month, when Mercury in your sign turns retrograde.

This is traditionally a time when letters and parcels go astray and delays in journeys are the norm rather than the exception, so in the second half of the month it might be as well to allow extra time for travel! And finally, Jupiter, your ruler, spends the coming year in Scorpio and you are able to be dispassionate and compassionate with both yourself and others.

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You will be able to learn a great deal more about yourself through your empathy with the suffering of others. Venus moves into your sign early in the month and your whole personality is more openly warm. You have a great need to relate well to others at this time so are willing to compromise in order to maintain harmony, making a favourable impression on everybody.

And during the coming year, Jupiter in Scorpio suggests that your friends will be of considerable benefit to you and that you will probably get more involved in group activity. In fact, you are likely to make new friends in the year ahead and it is no coincidence that the New Moon here on the 2nd suggests that either new friends or new group activity is on the menu this month. Your ideals, and your hopes and wishes for the future will also play a very important part in your life during this year. While Mars remains retrograde in Taurus, your plans for home and family seem to be on hold, although the Full Moon later in the month heralds some sort of resolution here which helps to dispel some of the tension.

But before that, the New Moon joins Jupiter in the area of your chart connected with your career, professional life or public persona suggesting that the world will begin to see you in a different light very shortly. This is a year in which you are likely to receive recognition for what you have accomplished and this could be in the form of public recognition, promotion at work or the esteem of your colleagues. And the auspicious alignment between Jupiter and Uranus, your ruler, at the end of the month promises beneficial changes that could affect your financial position.

And there are periods where even the Moon the other most important planet will also be here from the 1st to the 7th and from the 22nd to the end of the month. Your 10th house of career, strong all year, becomes even stronger on the 26th as Venus, enters.

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Your 4th house of home and family, by contrast, is basically empty. Only the Moon moves through there on the 16th and 17th. So the power and might of the cosmos is in your career and outer goals. Pursue them actively. You have a lot of help. Your 8th house of regeneration became powerful on October 23 and is still strong this month.

The spouse, partner or current love is having a banner financial month. You seem very involved here — especially from the 19th onwards. A strong 8th house favours detox regimes of all kinds — and not only physical detoxing. It favours the detoxing of the mind and emotions, too — the purging of negative habits of thought and feeling — as well as the detoxing of possessions. Sell them or give them to charity. A strong 8th house is also good for weight-loss regimes, if you need them.

The same is true for mental and emotional health. This is a good month for tax and estate planning if you are of appropriate age. Good for paying down debt or refinancing existing debt. The month ahead is prosperous. Venus spends almost all month — until the 26th — in Sagittarius, your 9th house.

horoscope for november 2019 for aries Horoscope for november 2019 for aries
horoscope for november 2019 for aries Horoscope for november 2019 for aries
horoscope for november 2019 for aries Horoscope for november 2019 for aries
horoscope for november 2019 for aries Horoscope for november 2019 for aries
horoscope for november 2019 for aries Horoscope for november 2019 for aries
horoscope for november 2019 for aries Horoscope for november 2019 for aries
horoscope for november 2019 for aries Horoscope for november 2019 for aries

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