Saturn symbol astrology

Saturn Astrology Symbol

The majesty of older age also brings with it a certain sense of tradition, conventionality our learned patterns of behavior and wisdom, and Saturn is mindful of these characteristics.

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This senior status further brings with it a measure of authority, and Saturn lords over that as well. Structure, order and the way in which we conduct our affairs are all ruled by this ringed planet. Contraction and the reining in of assets are also important here. Get the Claves Astrologicae, a card astrology oracle deck. Use the zodiac, the planets, the houses and the phases of the moon to guide you. Labyrinthos Academy is an online tarot school that aims to bring the ancient ritual of tarot for a modern practice.

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Saturn ♄ in Astrology: The Great Teacher Documentary

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All things natural appeal to you: organic foods, cruelty free and sustainable products, holistic healing. You could open up a business based around any of the aforementioned, or even train as a therapist, masseur, acupuncturist or herbalist. Relationships are both a blessing and a thorn in your side in this lifetime as your Saturn theme is all about partnership. You may struggle to find the proper equilibrium of give and take. Your Saturn in Libra could bring about the hard truths about what it really takes to co-exist harmoniously with another.

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Money, power, sex! Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, something must die for a transformation and rebirth to take place. You may deal with a powerful loss that shapes your life path, or eventually discover your own psychic powers. Resourceful, you are an alchemist who can turn the mundane into gold. Having Saturn in high-minded Sagittarius could inspire a relentless thirst for knowledge, sending you to graduate school or in pursuit of some other special certification.

Your career could involve traveling, teaching or publishing. Goals, goals, goals!

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You may be obsessed with success to a detriment, and having Saturn in Capricorn will remind you that the end does not always justify the means. If Saturn has stalled your ambition, you could finally find your career calling now.

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  • Daddy issues could plague you, or you may have a strained or distant relationship with your father. Or, your dad could have been very stern and authoritative, making it difficult for you to express yourself in his company. Powerful men will also help you manifest your dreams. You could even open up shop on your own venture. Hello, CEO. Community could be a source of struggle for you, and your Saturn in Aquarius will teach you how to one day find your tribe. Humanitarian issues may rouse you, like a calling, and you might start a non-profit, get involved in social justice work or find ways to make your everyday environment a place where people from all walks of life are welcome.

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    You may be drawn to the hidden side of life, such as spirituality or esoteric pursuits. Learning boundaries will be a huge lesson now, especially since you may be prone to making too many sacrifices. The arts—especially music and poetry—will call your name. You may also discover a gift for working with numbers and codes or doing holistic healing.

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