Leo daily horoscope october 15 2019

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You're in a deeply introspective mood about your past and are working out communication issues between you and your family members, or even your roommates. On a more mundane level, if you're thinking about moving or rearranging your living situation, Mercury in Scorpio will help you strategize.


Action planet Mars enters Libra on October 4, helping you fearlessly say what's on your mind. Expect a big boost in communication to take place at that potimeint! But, unexpected news arrives on October 7 as Mercury confronts wildcard Uranus in Taurus: A surprising turn of events manifests that affects your home life and your career. Stay open-minded and you may be able to harness this energy to effect an amazing, previously unimaginable change for yourself.

Being flexible is key right now, but it might not be so easy as the sun also clashes with Saturn on October 7, finding you feeling rather uptight about your plans. It's OK to set boundaries about how much time you can devote to something, but embrace change as much as you can, because October will bring plenty of it!

Charming Venus in the sign of death and birth finds you in quite a serious mood about who you let into your life. You're craving closeness and comfort, and intimacy is a top priority for you. Venus in Scorpio also finds you wanting to bring more beauty into your home, and you're thinking about redecorating. An unexpected change comes as Venus opposes Uranus on October You're ready for adventure, especially as the full moon in Aries lands on October A conversation that's been building will finally come to a climax under the light of this full moon.

A lucky energy flows as the sun your astrological ruler! October is an intense month, but it's not without its benefits. Mercury connects with taskmaster Saturn on October 14, creating a perfect vibe for strategizing projects at home and taking care of your personal wellness. Mercury also connects with dreamy Neptune on October 15, encouraging an empathetic atmosphere for communication.

October 19 continues to be a great day for communication as Mercury connects with Pluto, bringing you the information you've been looking for—it's a wonderful day for research. Venus also makes some good moves, connecting with Saturn on October 20, inspiring an energy of support. It may be hard to get much work done as people will feel like chatting; you can still be productive in-between the chitchat.

You may find that your most significant other is feeling rather frisky, so why not meet for lunch?


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Fortunate colors are electric blue and flame orange. Lucky numbers are 11 and Fri Oct 5: Flirtatious You may feel like flirting outrageously, but don't go overboard this evening.

Intense, passionate types are likely to get your attention and light flirting could be taken more seriously than you intend. Children may also be extra sensitive to your attempts at playfulness and humor Family responsibilities increase. Should you be disappointed with your home or domestic arrangement you are likely to change it in months ahead.

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Favorable colours are celery green and charcoal grey. Lucky numbers are 4 and 5. Sat Oct 6: Conserve Energy Although a light and friendly mood lifts your spirit for most of the day, the Moon will enter Cancer and your twelfth house of secrets and solitude tonight.

You'll need to slow down and pace yourself carefully over the next two days, conserving your energy. Turn in early so you will be sure to get enough sleep. Favorable colors are lavender and midnight blue. Lucky numbers are 12 and Sun Oct 7: Strange Dreams You probably won't be up for much today. Some of you may be pondering strange dreams you had last night; you might want someone else's input on the possible meanings. Those of you who plan to go out this evening may not have such a wonderful time; your energy is low now that you are in your lunar low cycle.

Take time out for your own thoughts.

Your lovelife will soon pick up, as Mars enters adventurous Sagittarius today. Benefical colors are salmon pink and aqua. Lucky numbers are 3 and Mon Oct 8: Slow Motion Many of you will want to sleep late this morning, but few of you have the luxury to do so. Don't worry, you can get through the day in slow motion You may have to pretend to be busy if your boss or authority figures walk by, so try to be aware of their comings and goings. Auspicious colors are sunset pink and lilac.

Lucky numbers are 21 and Tue Oct 9: Stellar Energy It should be easy for you to shine as the Moon makes her way through your sign today, just as the regal Sun makes a beautiful aspect with mighty Jupiter. You can make a stellar impression, as you are gifted with even more charm and magnetism than usual.

You may find that increasing pressure in your career and in your closest relationships will keep you on your toes for the next two days or so. Favorable colors are bright gold and pale lilac. Lucky numbers are 1 and 3. Wed Oct Charismatic The Moon moves through Leo and your first house of personality, helping you to zip through the day. You'll be especially magnetic and charismatic, so take advantage of the positive energy. If you really want something, now is the time to ask for it. Interviews go well today, as do performance reviews and special requests.

Favorable colors are ruby red and pale gold. Lucky numbers are 19 and Review your values and priorities. What can you spend less time doing so that you can spend more time with the ones you love? Remember, love often involves many little sacrifices. Prosperous colors are twine brown and slate gray. Lucky numbers are 2 and Fri Oct Pace Yourself You may feel as though life is all work and no play as the Moon insists you put business before pleasure. You may be right, but everything comes and goes in seasons. Today may be very hectic and busy for you, so take a few deep breaths and pace yourself.


By this evening, you should be feeling much better. Go for a brisk walk to help you release stress. Favorable colors are copper and fern green. Lucky numbers are 29 and Sat Oct Community Spirit There is plenty to do in your community today, and you'll find you're out and about more than usual. There may be some misunderstandings at home, but don't allow emotional upsets overwhelm you.

Welcome to Libra season, dear Leo!

If you've had a fight, wait at least thirty minutes before getting behind the wheel of a car. Favorable colors are butterscotch and baby blue. Lucky numbers are 16 and Some may explode in a fit of temper, but most of you should simply be feeling a zest for life. Children are especially active today, so try to be both patient and mindful of their safety. Those involved in romantic relationships should feel passion's fire tonight. Advantageous colors are pale gold and royal purple.

Lucky numbers are 1 and 5. Mon Oct New Moon You might feel rather talkative today as the New Moon activates your third house of communications. It's time to catch up on all your correspondence, including phone calls and e-mail. Miscommunications are more likely while Mercury is still retrograde. Say what you need to say while people are listening.

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Fortunate colors are pale yellow and sky blue. Lucky numbers are 5 and Tue Oct Home And Family The changing Moon enters your fourth house of home and family, urging you to spend some time with your clan. Some of you might be considering working from home You can be extra resourceful today, finding efficient uses for the materials you have at hand. Tonight is perfect for enjoying your home and your belongings Auspicious colors are dove gray and sea green. Lucky numbers are 22 and Wed Oct Count To Ten Take a few deep breaths and count to ten as many times as you need to today.

Yesterday's problems should be improving, but you may be a bit frazzled from all the stress. Your home can be your haven today, so plan a quiet dinner by candlelight. Skip the nightly news and curl up in bed with a good book instead; keep the real world at bay. Fortunate colors are white and silver. Thu Oct Pleasure Seeker The Moon enters Sagittarius and your fifth house of romance and creativity today, setting off a pleasure binge. If you feel like indulging in rich foods and sweets, try eating one or two cookies instead of devouring the whole bag!

It may be very hard to keep your appetite for pleasure under control, whether you crave food, wine or sex.

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Beneficial colors are moonlight yellow and mint green. Lucky numbers are 15 and Fri Oct Feel Good You should feel quite good today as the Moon completes her journey through Sagittarius; many of you will be in the mood for weekend festivities. However, it's a good idea to leave the party early and get to bed at a decent time. The Moon will enter Capricorn tonight, placing the emphasis on your health. You'll need to get your beauty sleep!

leo daily horoscope october 15 2019 Leo daily horoscope october 15 2019
leo daily horoscope october 15 2019 Leo daily horoscope october 15 2019
leo daily horoscope october 15 2019 Leo daily horoscope october 15 2019
leo daily horoscope october 15 2019 Leo daily horoscope october 15 2019
leo daily horoscope october 15 2019 Leo daily horoscope october 15 2019
leo daily horoscope october 15 2019 Leo daily horoscope october 15 2019
leo daily horoscope october 15 2019 Leo daily horoscope october 15 2019
leo daily horoscope october 15 2019 Leo daily horoscope october 15 2019

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