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Not only Mars, but also the Moon the Queen of sensual confessions , will be in the oppressed state.

The Sun being its constant opponent will suppress the energy of emotional reactions. In addition, the planet of communication and trading deals Mercury will be placed unfavorably in relation to dominant planets.

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We should expect difficulties in the sphere of informational and emotional exchanges, as well as some difficulties in achieving progress while doing business or dealing with politics. However, these difficulties are quite manageable, especially for people who know exactly what they want.

While numerous planets will continue confronting each other, some situations that may potentially threaten your physical health might emerge. This will be nothing serious but make sure to keep an eye on minor injuries and illnesses like catching a cold, getting burnt, or food poisoning due to your own carelessness or negligence. Make sure to follow some elementary norms of safe behavior in your everyday life and at work especially, at the beginning and end of the year. Because we already brought up some difficulties related to upcoming , we should mention one of the main dangers, which is related to trust.

If you look at the nature of this year's patron, which is the Pig, you will see that it is extremely naive and can easily become a victim of some pranks and even outright frauds. Considering the fact that the main events of will be mostly related to the material world, lies and unfair tricks are likely to take place in the spheres of commodity exchange, finance and personal relationships.

The problems are not critical and can be easily detected with a certain degree of caution. You should not give up on trusting people, but make sure to check everything before totally relying on something. In general, should be an active time full of creativity. Only a very lazy person will miss a chance of improving his financial wellbeing, but even they will end up getting some bonuses. Horoscope advises courage to go ahead and chase for that 'golden calf,' keeping some necessary prudence in mind. Horoscope New Year Chinese Horoscope Comments: Horoscope. Norniza Jumari I don't know my horoscopes, my birthday 2nd may Nines and I am a pig.

Vichet ros what's my sign, I don't know my horoscope? I was born on September 22 Thomas Chang Luck is on but can I ask you to provide lucky 4D to bet on it. Maribel Aporto Tutor September Mary grace baledio Sept 10 Hana Karaitiana so do I get half of the piggy year since I'm on a cusp Day, week, month and year.

Important, know your body is healthy is wealth, everything is only short? Alice this is my first day but I think this app is interesting. VeganGirl Nice. David This is one of the best commentaries on the year of the pig I've found The end of this decade I hope I will have a better ending in this decade!!

Astrology forecast for the 12222, the year of the Yellow Earth PIG

Marco Good year to come! Thanks for the forecast. Your name:. Monthly Horoscope Read free monthly horoscope for the following months: January monthly horoscopes February monthly horoscopes March monthly horoscopes April monthly horoscopes May monthly horoscopes June monthly horoscopes July monthly horoscopes August monthly horoscopes September monthly horoscopes October monthly horoscopes November monthly horoscopes. Video Horoscope Daily Horoscope Daily horoscope.

It is clear that at the first you will want to hit a dozen targets at a time because they will literally sizzle under your feet, but if you give yourself some time to think, you will find a way to hit all of them. As for career and money in , any decision you make will bring positive and profitable results. Well, suppose you were offered overtime work. If you agree, you will earn a positive feedback from the management and will get a chance to increase your bonuses.

Refuse, and on the way home you will find a tightly packed purse, which also happens to fell out of the pocket of the owner of the company where you have always wanted to move to. Then some new options will emerge. You can leave your money to yourself because their owner will not get poorer by never seeing this money again. You can return them and ask for the long-desired position. You will end up benefitting anyways. You will only have to calculate what is best and take advantage of the situation. Not everything will develop as successfully in your personal life since collegial decision-making is important here.

In other words, if you like that person, you'll have to make an effort in order to make him want to meet you and get to know you. If you are going to marry, you will need to get the consent of not only the bride but also of her parents and of your parents at the same time. And if you plan to have a baby, you cannot do so without family council. However, everyone will understand that you are interested in their opinion solely out of respect, and not because it is a prerequisite.

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  • You are a democratic ruler, aren't you? In addition, family members can support you financially in making certain decisions. However, it is better to let them offer this financial help by themselves and not ask for it. If we return to the question of full control over everything during this year, then the point here is as follows. Considering that Water is the element of this year, the Pig and Water combine in a very harmonious environment of prosperity and fertility.

    In theory, the fire element of Leo should provoke a dissonance. But don't forget that Fire brings not only destruction but also warmth and light. In fact, the energy of Leo, the factor that triggers growth, is, in fact, a key element of harmony. For this particular reason, all will start obeying you. Everything will start changing and moving as soon as you direct it to. Your task is to choose the correct path of change, but this can cause problems as your attention will be too scattered.

    For concentration, you need a team made from people whom you consider reliable. You should listen to their advice. Everything will be simple enough in the business sphere. Expert advice, friends advice, and a healthy competitive environment will help you. But the sphere of interpersonal relationships will require effort. Here you will have to rely not on your own desires, but on the dreams of your loved ones.

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    If you are focused on doing home repairs, but your partner insists on going on a holiday, listen to him and go on a trip. The north node has spent the last couple of years transiting through your sign, Leo, and as such has brought some tremendous and literal action into your life that forcibly reoriented your outer world. Things changed and they changed perceptibly.

    You are far more tuned into your literal world now and what you project into that world and your actions brought strong change that will affect you for a long time to come. New dreams replace old ones.

    Leo May Horoscope - Darkstar Astrology

    You can make the strongest movement of the year by honoring 12th house energies. Working quietly.. Being a benevolent benefactor on a very humble level. You are playful creative and fun loving. A pure delight and joy to be around.

    Leo 2020 Horoscope

    You express yourself warmly, and are strong, vital and energetic. You are open and honest expecting other people to be as well. You have personal power, strength of will, charisma and leadership potential. People may look to you for direction and see you has a role model — A Star. You thrive on the attention this brings and being in the lime light. When you are spontaneous you are wonderful and a source of entertainment. To you the world is a stage and you will take any opportunity you can to perform.

    You must be noticed and if you are not you will create dramas or scenes so that you are. You respond brilliantly to praise and feel bad when criticised. You are very proud, especially of your performance and creations. Excessive pride and vanity are faults and you need to learn not to let them get in your way. Because you are majestic you feel you should be treated like royalty and lesser mortals should make way for you.

    A romantic and actor at heart, you are colourful, dramatic and artistic. Be prepared for some broken hearts.

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